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Apart from opportunities to participate in educational activities implemented by foresters or with teachers on developed educational paths, nature and forest paths and in the multimedia section, children can chose multimedia fun and educational games on the internet with Rysio Erysio at:

The website was created education of the youngest children and presents secrets of the forest and forest wildlife. It contains fun games and educational plays, competitions, information about the forest and the protected animals and plants that can be found there. The website contains a gallary of photos taken by users - just log in and add your own photos of forest expeditions. Games and activities are designed for children to play and at the same time acquire knowledge about natural forests without much help from adults.


  • fot. G. Sawko
    fot. G. Sawko
  • fot. G. Sawko
    fot. G. Sawko
  • fot. G. Sawko
    fot. G. Sawko

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fot. G. Sawko

Within the Forest District there is an educational infrastructure, which includes trails, educational, natural and forest paths.

fot. G. Sawko

The project "Construction and Modernization of Tourist Paths in Sława Śląska Forest District to protect Natura 2000'.

The nature trail "Hand in hand with nature" is part of the educational complex located in the immediate vicinity to the Forest District.

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The founding of Sława Śląska Forest District is associated with the end of World War II, when the Regained Territories hosted new structures of the National F

fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

As part of the project called "Construction and Modernization of Tourist Paths in Sława Śląska Forest District for the Protection of Natura 2000 Sites" that w

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Zapraszamy do obejrzenia prezentacji dotyczącej życia ptaków Pojezierza Sławskiego



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fot. G. Sawko

For its location the region of Sława Śląska Forest District is full of many tourist attractions.

fot. G. Sawko

Educational path - "A different kind of a biology lesson"


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