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The project "Construction and Modernization of Tourist Paths in Sława Śląska Forest District to protect Natura 2000'.

co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Project co-financed under the 5th Priority Axis OPIE 2007-2013.

Sources of financing of eligible expenditure:

● European Regional Development Fund - 85%

● National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management - 15%


Completion date: 05.13.2013 r. - 31.12.2015.


The main objective of the project is the protection of rare species and valuable habitats appearing within four Natura 2000 sites by channelling tourist traffic and installing of new and modernization of existing facilities on the area of Sława Śląska Forest District


Moreover the project is aimed at:


  • protection of valuable natural areas covered by the specific forms of protection, by providing a tourist infrastructure that allows tourism to be focused within designated areas Sława Śląska Forest District.
  • allowing communication between tourist areas and restricting traffic connected with leisure activities to the selected corridors by labelling and promotion of hiking and bicycle trails of Sława Śląska Forest District.


The following tasks were completed as a result of the project:

● construction of a bicycle path of a length of 4,6 km and hardening the surface on the 3.6 km stretch and creation of one parking place for cars

● construction of a "Bird Paradise" viewing platform

● construction of tourist shelters on Świętobór glade together and the development of the clearing

● marking three linking paths

● modernization of the educational path "A different kind of a biology lesson"

● upgrading a nature and forest path "Pszczółkowskie Hills"

● construction of educational shelters

● founding a "Hand in hand with nature" nature trail

● construction of the irrigation system of land at the nature trail "Hand in hand with nature"

● reconstruction of the forest access road to the viewpoint "Bird Paradise"

● founding a recreational site on a ŚWIĘTOBÓR glade

● construction of a "JOANNA" observation tower

● production of an educational film on nature entitled "Around Sławskie Lake"

● production of a film promoting the project

● releasing an educational mobile application "Around Sławskie Lake"

● installation of posts separating a bike path from the parking place

● creating a education and recreation place on "A different king of a biology lesson" educational path

● purchasing 3 educational multimedia games

● designing and printing an educational tourist map of Sława Śląska Forest District - 5,000 copies.

● delivery of a self-propelled mower for lawn care

● delivery of two cameras

● delivery of educational calendars for the year 2016 - 500 copies.

● delivery of educational materials - puzzles - 1.200 items.

● supply of fitted cabinets

● service of documents digitalisation

● supply of multifunction equipment

● purchase of 8 wooden and metal racks for bicycles

● design, manufacture, delivery and installation of education equipment (for the purpose of a multimedia educational point of "Hand in hand with nature" and "ŚWIĘTOBÓR" recreational glade

● purchase of 3 panoramic telescopes for the viewing tower

● purchase of 10 binoculars

● creation of a website and 3 multimedia presentations

● purchase of 600 educational mascots "birds-singers".

● purchase a laptop computer for education

● purchase platform (tow trucks) to transport self-propelled mowers for lawn maintenance

● building a shelter for the mower and a tow truck

● purchase of a leaf blower

● purchase of a set of bird feeders


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