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Within Sława Śląska Forest District there are a lot of attractions and places to visit.

The Forest District area is perfect for sustainable tourism based on the natural values of the area - hiking and bike trips and kayaking. Particularly noteworthy places include Sławskie Lake with its forests and a wood observation tower, Pszczółkowskie Hills with glacial and varied terrain with a natural and forest path, monuments in the city of Sława - including the parish church of St. Michael, an evangelical church or palace complex from the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries as well as monuments in the surrounding towns. The forests are full of historical landmarks such as ruins of buildings, the old Protestant cemeteries and archaeological sites. Nature lovers should visit the ecological grounds and surrounding nature reserves.

  • fot. G. Sawko
    fot. G. Sawko
  • fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
    fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
  • fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
    fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

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fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

Sława Śląska is located in Lubuskie Province, Wschowa district. The village has just over 4,300 inhabitants. City of Sława is located by Sławskie Lake.


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