Some of the most interesting natural habitats of the Forest District are inland dunes with Agrostis grasslands. The structure of the habitat is based on the loosest grasslands on sand dune. The characteristic plants for this type of habitat are Grey Hair-grass (Corynephorus canescens L.), Pearlwort Spurrey (Spergula morisonii Boreau), Teesdalia nudicaulis R. Br. Veronica dillenii L. or Small Cudweed (Filago minima (Sm.) Fr) and bryophytes such as Bristly Haircap (Politrichum piliferum Hedw.) and Lichens which are represented by Cladonia floerkeana (Cladonia floerkeana (Fr.) Flörke).

The habitat appears on sand without soil cover and the available dead matter is mixed with sand, slightly increasing its density. The sand is moved by winds and accumulates within the obstacles it encounters, often burying encountered vegetation leading to its death. Dunes within Sława Śląska Forest District are located in northern and western parts of the Kochanowo precinct and the central and northern part of Świętno precinct, also (however rarely) in the western and southern parts of Sława precinct.

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Sława Śląska is located in Lubuskie Province, Wschowa district. The village has just over 4,300 inhabitants. City of Sława is located by Sławskie Lake.


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