For its location the region of Sława Śląska Forest District is full of many tourist attractions. You can find many historical attractions - monuments, as well as natural attractions and areas for practicing sustainable nature tourism.

The observation tower

The wooden tower is situated near Świętobór recreation glade. It has a height of 40 meters overlooking Sławskie Lake and nearby forests.

Recreation field on Świętobór glade

This educational and recreational facility is located near Święte village (comp. 28d). The place is equipped with a large wooden shelter with a designated fireplace and boards with information about nature.

"Bird Paradise" Viewpoint

A wooden platform located on the shores of Sławskie Lake allows observation of bird species inhabiting the lake. The viewpoint placed includes two information boards with descriptions of bird species.


Within the Forest District there are many places with numerous monuments - churches, palace buildings, cemeteries, court parks.


  • fot. G. Sawko
    fot. G. Sawko
  • fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
    fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
  • fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
    fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

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fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

Sława Śląska is located in Lubuskie Province, Wschowa district. The village has just over 4,300 inhabitants. City of Sława is located by Sławskie Lake.


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