The area of Sława Śląska Forest District is 50 518 hectares. Territorially and administratively it covers three provinces, five counties, eight municipalities and one city where the Forest District is located.

Sława Śląska Forest District is currently dominated by monoculture pine forests forming fresh and dry woods, a result of human activity. Within the Forest District natural forest habitats are fragmented. The biggest share in the structure of the forest belongs to a sub-ocean fresh coniferous forest (Leucobryo-Pinetum) representing over 41% of the total forest area.

Other forest habitats that can be found here include: acidophilous and thermophilous oak forests (Quercetea robori-petraeae), communities of lowland acidophilus beech forest (Luzulo pilosae-Fagetum), Central European hornbeam (Galio silvatici Carpinetum), riverine ash-alder (Fraxino-Alnetum), ash-elm riparian (Ficario-Ulmetum minoris), alder.


Surface share of the prevailing tree species

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    fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta
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fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

Sława Śląska is located in Lubuskie Province, Wschowa district. The village has just over 4,300 inhabitants. City of Sława is located by Sławskie Lake.


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