Natural monuments

According to the Act on the Protection of Nature "natural monuments are individual natural animate and inanimate, or their recollection of special environmental, scientific, cultural, historical or landscape value and of distinctive individual features, distinguishing them among other creatures, impressive size trees, shrubs, native or foreign, springs, waterfalls, exsurgents, rocks, ravines, boulders and caves ". Protection in form of nature monuments on Polish territory was introduced during interwar in the last century.

Within the area of Sława Śląska Forest District there are 27 natural monuments 4 of which are boulders (elements of inanimate nature - one of them is an erratic, "Mietek"), the remaining 23 are trees: 11 oaks, 5 beeches, 3 ashes, 2 small-leaved limes, 2 Scots pines, 2 common junipers and 1 western redcedar and horsechestnut.

  • fot. Ł. Heltman
    fot. Ł. Heltman
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    fot. G. Sawko
  • fot. G. Sawko
    fot. G. Sawko

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Within Sława Śląska Forest District there are numerous and varied habitats, both forest and non-forest.

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Within the area of ​​Sława Śląska Forest District 557 vascular plant species under strict protection and threatened to varying degrees of extinction have been

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The project "Construction and Modernization of Tourist Paths in Sława Śląska Forest District to protect Natura 2000'.

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The report of the UN General Secretary from 1969 on the State of the Environment was the decisive factor regarding global conservation of nature.

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For its location the region of Sława Śląska Forest District is full of many tourist attractions.

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