The largest river of the Forest District the River Odra - the second largest Polish river. Odra is the river of the Baltic Sea basin. It begins in the Czech Republic in the region of the East Sudeten Mountains at an altitude of 634 meters above sea level. In its beginnings in Poland it meanders, then heads westward on the stretch from the mouth of the River Neisse to the estuary to the sea marks the western Polish border.

Another river of Sława Śląska Forest District region is Obrzyca that flows through Sławskie Lake and forms the right bank tributary of the river Odra. Its total length is 65.9 km. Another watercourse of this area is the South Channel of the River Obrzyca with a length of 55.1 km and being a tributary of the slightly larger Obrzyca river. Within the Forest District there are minor watercourses that do not exceed 10 km, e.g. Czernica, Cienica, Radzyńska Struga and Dębogóra.

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    fot. Zbigniew i Beata Chojęta

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Both lakes as well as rivers of Sława Śląska Forest District region belong mainly to Zielona Góra District of Polish Angling Association (PZW) and leisure and

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Sława Śląska is located in Lubuskie Province, Wschowa district. The village has just over 4,300 inhabitants. City of Sława is located by Sławskie Lake.

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Ecological lands are areas worthy of protection, fragments of ecosystems of importance to the conservation of biodiversity - natural water reservoirs, field a

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Within the lakes of Sławskie Lake District which are located within the administrative range of Sława Śląska Forest District, there are several designated bat

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For its location the region of Sława Śląska Forest District is full of many tourist attractions.

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